Thursday, March 5, 2009

V-shaped UFO group low over PA

DOYLESTOWN, PA, - Three meandering V-shaped UFOs moved low and silently over this Bucks County town late on March 3. A witness said she saw the first object from inside her home - what looked like two very bright car headlights. Outside as the object flew directly over her back yard, she noticed "mesmerizing" lights on a gray underbelly - strobe-style lights flashing white and blue/green.

As the object passed over her front yard, it gained altitude and was joined by two identical crafts. The woman said the objects were close enough that there should have been the sound of an engine - but that they were silent.

Also on March 3, a witness reported a "massive" UFO over an apartment complex in Ohio, with five white lights and a single red light. The woman said the object was the size of her apartment building or larger.

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