Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do You Want To See A UFO

The one time in my life I witnessed Unidentified Flying Objects, they were so close and in such a clear daylight sky that I couldn’t even rationalize it away. I thought … this is a once in a lifetime experience!
Well, I was wrong; it has happened to me again… but this time I went looking for them. Although these craft were witnessed at night, they were no less convincing and spectacular.

How would you like to see a UFO… not by accident… but on purpose?

On Thursday, February 28th 2009, I saw dozens of crafts fly over a locally known scenic view, near Laughlin, Nevada ( hardly your UFO hotspot).

The person showing us around this nightspot was Ed Grimsley, a pioneer, and all time good person. Now, not a lot of people believed Ed at first, but they do now. Ed basically said anyone can see UFOs with the right equipment. They only hide in the visible light.

These excursions into the night were sponsored by the 2009 International UFO Congress. Ed received room and tickets to the conference for his nightly adventures. The purchase of the very costly eight night-vision scopes came out of Ed’s pocket/
Thanks to Mr. Grimsley, one of my lifelong dreams has been fulfilled 20 times over.
That dream was to see another genuine UFO craft before I passed.
Not only did we see single objects, we saw groups of objects. They changed directions; they would hover; they would accelerate at great speed.
When I was a young man I had my own scope and was an amateur astronomer. I know what planets, stars and meteors look like. “these sirs… were not none of those” I am not saying everyone is going to see what we saw… because given time, you’ll probably see more.

I want one like these. night-vision scopes.

“Old man Shouts at Cloud” nope. “Old Man shouts at UFOs”

Read complete story at http://ufomedia.blogspot.com/2009/03/do-you-want-to-see-ufo.html

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