Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mystery of the Elongated Skull

As a new discovery is unearthed, the puzzle gets even bigger for the elongated skulls of the ancients. A video has recently surfaced online featuring what claims to be a very strange find - elongated skulls - in Russia. The skulls have been reportedly discovered in burial mounds by archaeologists digging in a forest, near the southwestern Siberian city of Omsk.

Scholars at the Omsk Museum of History and Culture don't have a conclusive answer as to the origins of the skulls, but they have dated them and concluded that they're at least 1,600 years old.

'This really shocked and even frightened people, because the skull's shape was unusual for a human,'' said Igor Skandakov, director of the Omsk Museum of History and Culture.

They go on to say that the most likely explanation is that ancient communities deliberately deformed the skulls of infants, by applying force to the skull through a head press. What their intentions were, is not clear. Speculation is that the ancients believed elongated skulls would increase their mental abilities.

"It's unlikely that the ancients knew much about neuro-surgery," stated archaeologists Alexei Matveyev, "but, it's possible that somehow they were able to develop exceptional brain capabilities."

For years now, there've been people inclined to believe that the strange skulls belonged to aliens who visited our planet ages ago, and influenced ancient cultures. "There are myths about gods who descended from the heavens and who had elongated heads. They were very special and were revered," said Skandakov.

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