Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hidden Treasures - Treasure Chest of the Church of Pisco

The year was 1859. Four unsavory characters were serving as mercenaries for the Peruvian Army. A Spaniard (Diego Alvarez), an Irishman (Killorain), an Englishman (Luke Barrett) and an American (Brown). They figured there had to be a way to make better money and were looking for opportunities.

One of the men ran into a renegade priest named Father Matteo. The priest told the man of a treasure hidden and guarded at a church in the town of Pisco. The four came up with a plan, deserted from the army and made their way to Pisco.

Alvarez and Killorain were both Catholic and started to attend mass regularly. They became model parishioners. After some time they went to the local priests with a terrible story. They had found out that a renegade priest by the name of Father Matteo knew about the treasure and was gathering up a large group of bandits to come and steal the treasure.

The Priests believed the story. These men could know nothing of the treasure on their own. Father Matteo must be up to something. Alvarez came up with a plan to save the treasure. They could load the treasure onto a ship and move it to the safety of Callao. Alvarez and his three friends would gladly donate their services as guards.

So it came to pass that the priests loaded the following on a ship in the tiny harbor of Pisco:
  • 14 tons gold ingots
  • 7 great golden candlesticks, studded with jewels
  • 38 long diamond necklaces
  • A quantity of jeweled rings
  • A quantity of jeweled bracelets
  • A quantity of jeweled crucifixes
  • 1 chest uncut stones
  • 1 chest Spanish doubloons
  • Various other jewels and ornaments 
Hidden Treasures - Treasure Chest of the Church of Pisco

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