Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UFO incursions at nuclear weapon sites in US and UK

FORMER members of the US Air Force claim aliens interfered with nuclear weapons - including during one famous incident in Britain.

UFO researcher Robert Hastings held a press conference in Washington to "address the vital issue of UFO incursions at US nuclear weapons sites over the past six decades".

Mr Hastings said: "More than 100 former or retired US Air Force personnel - once trusted to operate or guard weapons of mass destruction - have come forward and revealed ongoing UFO surveillance of, and occasional interference with, our nuclear weapons.

"This information alters the historical perspective on the nuclear arms race and much, much more.

"The fact that the Pentagon and CIA have successfully kept the truth from public view for so long is in itself mind-boggling."

The Rendlesham Forest incident, often described as "Britain's Roswell" was used as one example of evidence aliens had targeted nuclear weapons.

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