Friday, April 10, 2009

UFOs are real according to Ukraine’s first astronaut

Leonid Kadeniuk, independent Ukraine’s first astronaut and participant in NASA’s Columbia in 1997 as part of the international mission STS-87 has gone on record stating that he believes UFOs are real and of alien origin in an interview with the well-known newspaper Pravda Ukraine.
Although he has not seen a UFO himself, he recalls that during his time as a fighter pilot in Moscow in the days of the old USSR he had met other pilots who had encountered them while on missions. He also mentions that he was warned by his superiors and trainers that in the event of seeing a UFO while flying he should avoid any contact and not attempt to approach them.
He has studied the topic and has come to the conclusion that UFOs use electro-magnetic and gravitational forces to fly. He argues that the current human method of travelling into space has run its course and it is time we too attempt to develop methods using these forces for space travel.

To read the full interview click here.

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