Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Close encounter with black triangle UFO

by Roger Marsh

Witnesses all across the country are reporting a very similar looking UFO - a triangular-shaped vehicle that can move about silently, can hover, move away at incredible speeds, with a rather distinctive shape and lighting characteristics.

Ufologists are watching. Something still under wraps by our own government - or possibly something extraterrestrial?

Witness Gary Val Tenuta from Everett, WA, is another in the long line of people who have come forward with their story. Typical - the witness is out conducting normal business when one of these craft just happens by.

Here is Gary's unedited story in his own words.

The following is a true and accurate account of my “close encounter” in Seattle Washington which occurred in 1993. I believe it was in the month of November.

It was a Sunday night about 9:30. I often had occasion to be driving north about that time of evening on Sundays and I usually took the I-5 freeway. This time, however, I knew the freeway, northbound, was jammed up due to an accident. So I took an alternate route which eventually led me to what I think was East Marginal Way, right next to the main Boeing Aircraft facility in Seattle.

As I was traveling, northbound, I noticed three red lights low in the sky ahead of me and to my right. They were moving in unison, very slowly across my field of vision from east to west. At first I thought they must be the lights of a low flying plane, perhaps about to land.

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