Monday, August 22, 2011

Hidden Secrets of the DOLLAR

There is definitely something strange and weird about the USA Dollar. From hidden secrets and symbols to cataclysmic prophecies the Dollar has it all. Just have a look at this initial collection of bizarre findings.

These secrets only seem to appear in the Dollar currency. We've looked for similar effects in the Pound, the Rupee, the Euro and even the Rand without any success. However, with the Dollar we just keep on finding them! After Months of study we can honestly say that the Dollar is the most complex, intelligent, intricate, mysterious and beautiful of currencies. It is the perfect representation of Art and Science.


Secrets of the Dollar

We first saw this in an email but checked it out for ourselves. This is an ordinary 20 Dollar banknote that we had in one of our wallets. It was first printed in 1928 and is known as the "Jackson Bill". The version shown in the images was printed in 2003 (after the 9/11 attacks but the image of the White House is essentially the same as in earlier versions). We are trying to access an original 1928 bill and to see if the effect described below is the same.

Please feel free to try this for yourself - we did! The secrets become clear. First take the 20 Dollar Bill and fold it in half as shown in the diagram to the right.

Then do a 45 degree fold to match up perfectly with the centre of the Bill's width. (Fig 3) Repeat the same process with the opposite side and ensure that the centre line and the top of the banknote are in alignment. (Fig 2)

An image immediately becomes clear. It is the top of a three or four story building with smoke billowing out of its central facade. It looks very similar (but definitely not identical) to the classic photograph of the Pentagon after it was struck by a Boeing 757 - Flight 77.

This, in itself, is strangely disturbing but simply turning the folded 20 dollar bill to its opposite side reveals an even more concerning picture. It is a single skyscraper in the process of collapsing in exactly the same manner as the second doomed tower of the New York World Trade Centre did (WTC2).

This alone should give you pause for thought but now unfold the banknote and the creases form an octagonal design. (Shown in the diagram with red over-lines) The exact centre point lines up with Oval Office which is exactly on the other side of the building at a 13 degree trajectory. It is widely believed that the White house was supposed to be the 3rd target of the 9/11 attacks.

Are these "Coincidences" a 1920's prophecy of doom or were these "strange images" the very reason that the targets were selected in the first place. Did someone show Osama the trick and say ... "Hey! I know what we should attack." 

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