Monday, June 9, 2008

Unexplained Mysteries of The Psychic Echo

Delicate ethereal whispers dance effortlessly upon the waves of the paranormal ocean. Patterns of energy in the form of thoughts impress themselves upon the soul of the empathic medium. A psychic echo reverberates with varying intensity within the all seeing eye of the crown chakra.

When desiring to enhance one’s psychic ability, it is essential to comprehend the universal laws of the mystic phenomena. First and foremost, the law of permission. You may not read someone until they have explicitly given you permission, both verbally and energetically. Verbally, they must ask you personally to perform a reading for them, but energetically, they must offer their energy to you. This can be done is many, many different fashions. With palm reading, they open both of their hands to you, allowing their subconscious to lower the powerful conscious walls of the mind which restricts the energy flow.

Basic understanding of the art of palmistry is obviously helpful, but once the psychic mind tunes into the energy, the lines on the hands are no longer necessary. Reading the palm is merely opening the door to receiving the information embedded in the energy of the individual.

All forms of psychic readings must first begin with the full acceptance and permission of the client or the energy will not be read easily or effectively. Attempting to read an individual’s photograph without specific authorization can lead to an ineffective or inaccurate reading. There must be a mutual compliance between the parties.

Upon completing the affirmation stage, you must then proceed to the appreciation stage. To receive energy, you must first give energy. This stage is the most challenging because you have to send a pure form of positive energy to, often times, a stranger. In essence, you must impress feelings of love, light and respect with the utmost intention of assisting them on their spiritual journey. This selfless and powerful energy message is literally going to envelop the aura of the client and in turn they’re energy will be rebounded to you like a psychic echo. Whether in person, by telephone or a photograph, the echo location will resound with the sender.

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